"wir entwickeln software" - our slogan may sound simple, but it stands for everything that makes a cronner. Above all we deliver exceptional and carefully tested software, so that our clients can concentrate on achieving their own success - no worries, no doubts.

Continually delivering such high quality requires a team of passionate cronners who are constantly developing their skills, have the client’s best interest at heart and who keep their eye on new technologies and tools. Of course, not everyone is a wizard at everything - we’re also just human - which is why we organise in teams, which allow us to even out any weaknesses and accumulate our strengths.

Have you found yourself in our values and want to become a cronner? Have a look at our job openings and see if you find something that fits!

Our benefits

Work at cronn

Our teams and our abilities

Our catchphrase is „wir entwicklen software“ – developing software brings us joy. We believe in Software Craftsmanship, good code and score with a team that brings both competence and a healthy attitude to the table.​

Interesting and challenging software development projects

Our projects are laid out within in a wide scope of fields. We show the same enthusiasm for start-ups as we do for multinational corporations. We embrace challenges and believe in development and growth.

Hardware and operating system according to your preferences

Because you know best what you like to work with. On top of that all of our work stations are equipped with height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs.​

Further training opportunities

We encourage personal growth with a yearly further education budget and two days exceptional leave for you to use on conferences, workshops or certifications – alone, with a colleague or with the whole team.​

Flexible working hours & 30 days vacation

We want cronners to find their best possible work-life balance: that’s why we have flexible working hours and home office days.

Employee events

No later than at your first Christmas party you’ll get to witness how much we enjoy celebrating together. However, until then there are many other events held throughout the year: beer tastings, summer parties, runs, short trips, cronn sports clubs or our weekly afternoon beer. Open – but not obligatory! – for all.​

Participation in conferences and engagement

We love to share our knowledge and actively participate in local communities such as the Java User Group or the Usability Testessen. You are welcome to influence and shape this network.​

A cool office

It’s easy to feel comfortable in our modern, sunny and well-located offices. We have good tea and coffee (really good!) and unlimited soft drinks. We also make sure there’s always something to nibble on, be it sweet, salty or healthy.​

Relocation costs

If you choose cronn but have to move to be closer to us, we’ll help you with the costs of relocating. For an easier start in your new home.​​


The cronn-bike gives cronners the option to leave the car at home, simultaneously reducing emissions and helping you lead a healthy lifestyle.


In Bonn and Hamburg, we offer the Deutschlandticket for all those who would like to reach our easily accessible offices by public transport.

Meal subsidy

We offer you the maximum food subsidy for your lunch in the offices of Bonn & Hamburg.

Sabbatical model

You want to take a longer break from your everyday working life? With our sabbatical model we will find a solution together (at the earliest after the probationary period).

Note for recruitment agencies

Please note that cronn GmbH does not accept unsolicited application documents from recruitment agencies. cronn GmbH works exclusively with selected providers and will not make any remuneration payments to recruitment agencies without a corresponding cooperation agreement. If cronn GmbH receives a candidate profile from a recruitment agency with which there is no cooperation agreement, and this candidate is considered or hired at a later stage in the recruitment process, this does not give rise to any claims on the part of the recruitment agency.

We are currently not interested in working with any other recruitment agencies. Please refrain from any inquiries in this regard. Thank you very much.

What others say about us

Our Awards

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kununu Top Company - von Mitarbeiter*innen empfohlen
kununu Score - 4,6 von 5 bei 59 Bewertungen
100% kununu weiterempfehlung in den letzten 2 Jahren

Unsolicited application

No fit? No problem

Haven’t found a job offer that exactly fits your profile? Don’t worry – we welcome unsolicited applications.

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What we say


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Open Door

We give you the opportunity to get to know us, our work and our office over an afternoon beer. Just drop by and take a look around, alone or with a friend. We’ll find a comfortable place for everyone!

To contact

Application Process

Your path to us

Application process step one - application

Send you application to
You apply online.

Application process step two - confirmation of receipt / vetting process

Usually within two working days you will receive receipt of confirmation. We will then check your application and any attached documents and get back to you within a week.

Appliaction process step three - invitation to a Teams call or a telephone interview

If we’re a match, we’ll be in touch to arrange an initial meeting. At the moment we’re using either browser-based Microsoft Teams for video calls or telephone.

Application process step four - initial meeting feedback

Often you’ll receive feedback for the interview towards the end of the call, but sometimes we’ll need a couple of days to get back to you.

Application process step five - invitation to a personal interview

If we’re still a match, we’d like to see you again. Normally we’d choose to meet you face-to-face, but during a pandemic we also rely on Teams and video calls. This second interview is for both sides to get to know each other better. We talk about your career, your interests and hobbies, and work on small tasks.

Application process step six - final feedback / what happens next?

After a couple of days, you will receive more personal feedback. If we are still a match, we’ll be in touch per telephone to clear up any remaining questions, open points and discuss the particulars of your contract before drawing up a draft. You will receive this draft within twenty-four hours of this call.

Bewerbungsprozess Schritt 7 - Abschluss / Onboarding / Mentoring

If you have no questions or corrections for your draft, we’ll follow up with an electronically signed copy of your contract. This gives you peace of mind and allows us to start planning your placement in the company. You’ll receive another two copies, signed by hand, by regular mail. By then you would have already been handed over to our onboarding team. They clarify the dates, your hardware needs and fill in any missing details. On the day of your onboarding you will complete the administrative process and be introduced to your mentor and your project. Your mentor is your first point of reference and is there to guide and support you during this time, as well as being responsible for introducing your to the rest of your team.

And then all that's left to say: welcome to the team!