Our website is climate neutral.


Websites are climate-neutral if the CO2 emissions generated have been calculated and compensated. Surfing the internet produces CO2 emissions, primarily due to the power consumption of the servers, during data transmission and through the end devices of the users. Based on our monthly page views, we have calculated the CO2 emissions caused by our website together with ClimatePartner and compensated them via a certified climate protection project.

Under http://www.climatepartner.com/16007-2103-1001 you can transparently see how many CO2 emissions were caused by our website and which project we support. It is ClimatePartner's exclusive climate protection project at the Virunga National Park in the DR Congo: a small run-of-river power plant supplies households and businesses with electricity, thus kick-starting economic development and also replacing charcoal from the national park as the main source of energy. In this way, valuable habitat is preserved, not only for some of the last free-living mountain gorillas. Here you can find general information about the project we support: www.climatepartner.com/1072