Our hearts beat for software craftsmanship, our customers, and our team! Since 2013 we have been successfully implementing software projects in Bonn, Hamburg and Białystok (PL). Always in our toolbox: Java, open-source technologies, and agility. In addition, customer orientation and quality are particularly important to us – and, of course, the fun of working together.

cronn locations marked on mapThe three cronn office locations - Bonn, Hamburg and Białystok - are marked on a map

Our methods


Requirements often change in the course of a project! Thanks to our agile methods we are prepared for this. Continuous adaptation to new requirements allows us to react quickly to changes, always offering our customers the best solution. This speeds up software development and reduces costs.


Software testing tells no lies, provides security in the event of changes and is the basis for continuous integration. A good test base increases the quality of the code as well as the end product and saves effort in debugging, refactoring, and maintenance. This enables faster and higher-quality development cycles. And our developers have more time to devote to the essentials: good code!


The status and quality of a software project requires constant checks, which results in many repetitive tasks. Manually, this could quickly become painful. That is why we rely on a smooth, automated connection between development, version management, testing and deployment to production.

clean code

Programming languages were invented to write software in a manner intelligible to humans, then use it to solve complex problems. Therefore, source code should remain understandable. That is why we write clean code that is easy to read, understand, and maintain.

Some words by our CEO

Good code with good people - that's why I founded cronn. cronn is more than just a software company for me. It is a place where the joy of good code is the focus. Both for our team, which develops it, and for the customer, who uses the software in the end.

— Jobst Eßmeyer, CEO

Jobst Eßmeyer.

Our team

A handful of people has, over time, grown into more than 150 dedicated cronners, all taking customer projects over the finish line and constantly making cronn better and better! Matters of software development, testing, and business analysis are faced head-on by our colorful teams at our 3 locations in Germany and Poland. And let us not forget the front office, HR, sales, and marketing, all keeping the wheels turning.

Meet our team
Portraits of our employees.

Our tools

die cronn GmbH entwickelt und nutzt Java, Spring, Typescript, React, Jenkins, Gradle, Cucumber, Playwright, Docker, Kubernetes, Hibernate, Figma
cronn GmbH develops with Java


The programming language which is the standard for high-performing and stable backends.

cronn GmbH develops with Spring


Has integrated dependency injection in the Java enterprise environment and makes Java programming faster, easier and more secure.

cronn GmbH uses Typescript


Alternative to JavaScript with many advantages: code quality, security, object-oriented programming.

cronn GmbH uses React


An efficient and flexible framework to build high-performance interactive web interfaces.

cronn GmbH lets Jenkins work


The standard for continuous integration. Needs but short intervals to create the current project status, which then can be tested.

cronn GmbH builds with gradlegradle-elephant-icon-gradient-primary


The best Java build tool. Fastest feedback thanks to incremental and parallel builds. Essential for continuous integration.

cronn GmbH uses Cucumber


The BDD-tool which combines specification and test documentation.

cronn GmbH uses Playwright


Framework that enables End2End testing for web applications for any browser and platform in a single API.

cronn GmbH uses Docker


Rapid deployment of applications in any environment. Creates containers which hold everything the application needs to run.

cronn GmbH uses Kubernetes


Open-source tool for automated management of container applications.

cronn GmbH relies on Hibernate


Object-oriented programming and relational databases? No problem with this ORM framework.

cronn GmbH uses Figma


Web-based tool for creating UI designs and high-fidelity prototypes.

Impressionen Impressionen

Our history

cronn has been around since 2013. It all started with software developer Jobst, who wanted to develop high-quality, user-friendly software, all while using the latest open-source techs, agile methodologies, a test-driven approach, and still be fun to work on. Or, as he puts it himself: He wanted to write good code with good people. The best way to implement his ideas was in his own company, so he founded one.

Since then, more than 150 people have joined us at three locations in two countries. The original spirit still permeates our corridors and offices today. Be it in project meetings, Scrum events or over our end-of-week Friday beers, at company runs or our legendary cronn celebrations: Whatever we do, we do together and with pleasure. And often right in the middle of it all: founder Jobst..

Become a cronner

You think you're a good fit for us? Whether you have background in computer science or you are considering cross-entry from other STEM subjects – we hire bright minds with various levels of experience. The two most important requirements: that digitization projects inspire you and you enjoy community and teamwork!

Employees sitting on the sofa, talking to each other.

Our partners