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Our customer:
zerb verlag

Always up to date – that's what zerb verlag aims to ensure. As a specialist publisher for inheritance law, they have been publishing specialist literature in this field since 1999. In addition to more than 70 books on the subject of inheritance law, zerb publishes a self-titled magazine with a monthly circulation of 3000 copies and also offers digital products and services to law firms.

The starting point

Law firms have new appointment and mandate requests on a daily basis – and these requests need to be processed. In order to prepare for initial consultations, lawyers often create questionnaires to determine the main concerns and any relevant data. However, this manual process requires a lot of time, which should be simplified with the help of a tool.

The project


Analysis, development, testing


Agile development, test-driven development


Java, SpringBoot, React, Docker, Docker Compose, Gradle, Nexus, Jenkins, SonarQube, Security Report, Dependency-Track

cronn reference quote zerb

With cronn, we had a strong partner at hand who was always at our side to advise us and quickly understood our requirements and put them into practice.

— Andrea Albers, Project Manager, zerb verlag


cronn developed the white-label solution "Mandate Request Online" for zerb verlag, with which clients of law firms for inheritance law can provide all the information required to process the request from the comfort of their own home in compliance with data protection regulations. Law firms can easily integrate the tool into their website via a link. Potential clients can use it to submit their enquiry through the website and answer the predetermined questions, which the law firm then uses to prepare for the initial meeting.

Clients are guided through the process – all questions are formulated in a layman-friendly manner. Subsequently, both the law firm and the clients receive all the information in a structured PDF file by e-mail and the lawyers can use the information to prepare for their appointments in the best possible way.

Customer benefits

cronn developed and implemented the white-label solution for zerb – the publisher offers this software to law firms for inheritance law as Software as a Service (SaaS). zerb operates the tool as a web application on its server. In this way, the publisher can provide law firms with their individual form website with their respective logo, to which the law firm websites then only have to link. This means that zerb verlag only has to operate one software instance for its solution but can offer its customers individualized solutions. The customers themselves do not have any further effort after setting up a link on their own website.

cronn advantages

Modern software

Multi-tenant, customizable branding


Web application instead of mountains of questionnaires, minimal time expenditure for all parties involved

Rapid integration

Immediate use of the tool due to uncomplicated integration of the URL


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