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Deutsche Telekom IT: Magenta TV

Deutsche Telekom AG needs no introduction. As one of Germany’s largest companies, Deutsche Telekom is also Europe's largest telecommunications provider. The company's own media offering, Magenta TV, has been gradually expanded into a comprehensive media platform. Whether desktop, mobile, the MagentaTV Stick or a MagentaTV receiver – this is the customer’s one stop for live television, an extensive media library and many well-known streaming providers, all in one user interface. On top of that, it’s also available for customers who do not use any of Telekom's telecommunications products.

Services and functions around the platform, such as bookings for the shop, customer management and product use, were designed, developed and operated by cronn's partner Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH.

The starting point

In 2017, Deutsche Telekom decided to launch a pilot project for the MagentaEINS product family as part of its agile transformation. A digital-first product for private customers was to be built using agile working methods and technologies which had not yet been established at Deutsche Telekom. Deutsche Telekom turned to its long-standing partner cronn in search of a technological sparring partner. cronn assigned an agile development team to create a proof of concept for a microservices-based solution. The rough tech stack: Java, Spring Boot, TypeScript and React, the microservices being provided in containers (Docker, Kubernetes). This was a setup in which cronn has many years of experience. The PoC was convincing, and Telekom decided to adopt this architecture. A cronn team then began working with the Telekom project team.

							A graphic of the setup made up of technologies and tools from the project

The setup of technologies and tools of the project.

The project


Software development, test automation, UI/UX, analysis, consulting


Agile development, microservices, CI/CD, Clean Code


Java, Spring Boot, Micronaut, Gradle, TypeScript, React, Stormforge, Playwright, Karate, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud

cronn reference quote Magenta TV

With its extensive expertise in full-stack web development and its excellent cloud and DevOps know-how, the cronn team is the perfect partner for Deutsche Telekom IT GmbH. In addition, the cronners bring a sustainable view of the overall architecture of the platform, along with maximum commitment and outstanding customer orientation.

— Julia Ewert, IT Lead Magenta TV

The cooperation

The pilot project was a web-based platform on which users could book MagentaTV packages regardless of whether or not they already had an existing contract with Deutsche Telekom. Up to 15 experienced cronners have been working in several project teams on the development and expansion of the platform throughout the various phases of the project, encompassing the full spectrum of software development: architecture issues, frontends, backends, automated software tests and user experience design. The result is a secure and scalable e-commerce website based on microservices with a sophisticated user experience, all of which is constantly being developed together.

							The responsive design of the platform's user interfaces on different devices

The responsive design of the platform's user interface.

Client's advantages

In cronn, Telekom IT had an experienced partner at its side to exchange ideas on technologies and architectures. Thanks to this they quickly found the best setup for the realisation of their requirements. At the start of the project cronn employees with the right skillset promptly began a tight-knit cooperation with the internal Telekom team. As a result, Deutsche Telekom had sufficient resources, experience and know-how with the desired technologies and methods at its disposal to get off to a flying start. The cronn and Telekom employees were able to work together productively and exchange knowledge right from the start. Since then, cronn has ensured that its own employees accompany the project for maximum stability and continuity for years to come. The support for a pilot project thus turned into a long-term cooperation.

							Screenshots of the platform's checkout process.

Screenshots of the platform's checkout process.

cronn advantages

Broad knowledge

A team of experts in architecture, development, testing and design

Experience and expertise

Know-how in agile development, microservices, automated testing

Long-term support

Long-standing, ongoing cooperation and partnership


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