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Our Customer:

Series, movies, live sports, music and more: with the multimedia portal RTL+, RTL Deutschland is stepping up to provide a real alternative to international streaming portals. With its impressive 3,4 million subscribers the platform is on a steady growth course.

Starting situation

The development of a new multi-media streaming platform was a complex challenge which required building backends for streaming, customer accounts, billing, user interfaces and much more. Additionally a large, extensible infrastructure was created using cloud services. RTL+'s business is growing rapidly and the platform has to have the option to scale up quickly. In software development and IT RTL+ has about 40 teams, each with about 5 members.

The project required many experts from all areas of IT and agile software development on short notice. These experts had to be already familiar with the technologies used in order to avoid teething problems. Kotlin is the programming language, Spring was chosen as the framework. In the frontend, TypeScript and Angular are used and the containerized microservices are managed with Kubernetes. AWS is the partner for the provision of infrastructure and data storage.

RTL's technology and IT subsidiary CBC Cologne Broadcasting Center GmbH found their way to cronn during their search for a reliable external development partner. We brought to the table a lot of experience with the tech stack and development methods, and were able to quickly join the existing project teams.

The Project


Software development, test automation, load and performance tests, UI/UX design, final level support


Agile development, Scrum, SAFe, DevOps, CI/CD, Clean Code, microservices


Kotlin, Spring, TypeScript, Angular, GraphQL, Cypress, Cucumber, Gitlab CI, Kubernetes, AWS, Keycloak

cronn reference quote RTLplus

With the cronners in our teams, we were able to quickly build up further know-how in a wide variety of technologies. Thanks to their help, we further improved the quality on all levels and thus could better meet the challenges of the competitive streaming business.

— Christian Masjosthusmann, Solution Architect, RTL+


A team of five full stack developers and software testers started work about 3 weeks after CBC first contacted cronn. As the project progressed, this number grew to nine cronn experts in the fields of software development, Android development, testing, UI/UX design and DevOps engineering. The hands-on know-how of the cronn team was in demand from development teams that dealt with different applications and systems. These included: web frontend, Android app, login and registration with Keycloak, profile management system, contract management and DevOps, as well as infrastructure and operation.

In addition to direct development, they contributed their experience to various tasks. For example, cronners supported load and performance tests – a particularly important area for a media streaming platform. The team also provided advice and assistance at the 3rd level of customer support. RTL+ is a streaming platform on which users can consume not only movies, series and music, but also live sports events, such as the UEFA Europa League. This means that there may also be increased user traffic or the need for support on weekends or evenings. That's why cronners are also available outside office hours before special events to support the RTL+ experts.

Advantages for the customer

RTL+ needed expertise and know-how as quickly as possible to expand and operate its streaming platform. cronn has a lot of experience with the agile software development of web-based applications. Our employees are also familiar with microservices, containerization and the technologies used by RTL+. As a result, they were able to start working with the RTL+ teams promptly and accompany them on a long-term basis.

cronn strengths

Competence and experience

Our team has extensive experience with all technologies used

Fast availability

Experts were able to start work within three weeks

High flexibility

If necessary, the required expertise was added to the cronn team


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