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Our customer:

Since its founding in 2007, congstar has become a real force on the mobile phone market. Over 6 million customers have trusted congstar for their mobile communications and to provide Internet for their homes. Thus it is essential to stay up to date in terms of software development and digital infrastructure.

The starting point

congstar relies on the concept of platform engineering for its software development. This approach relies on a team of infrastructure professionals to develop and operate a cloud-based DevOps platform. Here, congstar’s software engineers can develop and operate the digital products without having to worry about the tools and infrastructure. The platform includes versioning, test and CI/CD tools, a runtime environment, as well as operation and monitoring from a single source. Thanks to in-house development, the tools have been combined into a platform on which everything meshes smoothly.

This has allowed the highest degree of automation and compatibility to be achieved in congstar's internal software development. At the same time, the software development teams have become more flexible, for example in the choice of the backend language, or the version of a chosen language: the platform can handle many things. On this platform a developer doesn't have to worry about whether or not the pipeline or runtime environment will juggle all the different versions. The technologies and methods of the platform include cloud technologies; modern monitoring, alerting and CI/CD frameworks; secrets management; security scan; service mesh; image repositories and Infrastructure as Code.

The project


Analysis, consulting, report


DevOps, CI/CD, Service Mesh, Secret Management, Infrastructure as Code


Cloud, Monitoring-, Alerting-, CI/CD- Frameworks, Security Scans, Image Repositories

cronn reference quote congstar

I have been working with cronn GmbH for many years and appreciate the uncomplicated, professional and reliable cooperation. cronn quickly provided our C-Level with accurate analysis and assessment of a complex project, thanks in no small part to their extensive expertise in cloud infrastructure, build and deployment, automated testing, and advanced web development.

— Sabine Abecker, CIO, congstar

Our services

The platform was newly developed and congstar's management wanted an independent judgement on certain aspects of performance, security, and especially ease of use for the developers before proceeding further with the rollout. In cronn, congstar found an experienced partner with all the know-how regarding cloud-based platforms and modern software development necessary for a sound evaluation.

cronn then quickly started analyzing the complex platform from a developer's point of view. One of our experts set up a software project to put the platform through its paces. The focus was on how easily and efficiently the project could be implemented and whether the result was safe and stable.

Based on this test, cronn produced a report that was presented to the management level of congstar. The result was clear: the platform offers excellent infrastructure that streamlines the developers' workload and on which high-performance, stable and secure software can be created. This independent assessment by cronn gave congstar's management the confidence to fully rely on the platform. It is now well received by the development teams and offers all the advantages for which it was developed.

Customer advantages

cronn was able to quickly meet congstar's need for an independent analysis of their complex development platform. As a company that develops individual software solutions in many projects, we were able to contribute our experience in two aspects: on one hand, we are familiar with the development and operation of large, cloud-based platforms; on the other hand, we are familiar with the methods, tools and needs of modern software development. This allowed us to use our experience with all relevant technologies and test the platform from the user's point of view.

What made the analysis unique was that the users of the platform are developers who develop software. Thanks to its experience as a software development provider, cronn was able to give an assessment of the technology itself and the benefits for users. As a result, congstar's management quickly received a second, independent opinion on a technology project and was thus able to make a prompt decision regarding the future of its platform.

cronn advantages

Competence and experience

Know-how in technologies, tools and methods of modern software development

Sharp analysis

Understanding of requirements, processes and technologies

Clear results

Creation of a report as a decision-making aid


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