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Be it developing specialised software for a new product, integrating an existing system, digitalising in every field and in every business process, Big Data, modern technologies, migrating to the cloud... Never before have companies had to adapt to changing technologies so quickly in order to stay in the game.

Our mutual focus is on the success of your project. In order to achieve this, we adjust our demands accordingly and plan our partnership to be as straightforward as possible. It's a no-brainer for us that we should be dependable, keep our deadlines, prices and promises – a philosophy which our clients find commendable. On top of that we offer excellent availability of a specialised workforce: In the event of increased project requirements and project peaks, we can also access our experts from all three locations at short notice.

Software development

We develop your software, using manual and automated techniques. Uncomplicated and reasonably priced.
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Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. We develop your digitalisation into success.
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Stability and security. Cloud and technologies of tomorrow. We future-proof your software.
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Individual Software

An individually developed software offers a tailor-made solution for your company - without compromise. At the same time, the costs are comparable to a standard solution. While there is usually a cost-intensive adaptation to your business process, the development costs of an individual software can be significantly reduced by using free open source software. In addition, there are no monthly license fees.

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Software Development

Scope of service

It all begins with a detailed analysis and a first prototype. We then develop the final application in fast innovation cycles based on your input and our expertise – allowing you to achieve your business goals quicker.

Automated tests

We are especially proud of our automated tests. These perform at different levels of granularity and are a reliable indicator for the stability of our software. The advantages are obvious: no matter how big the changes, we minimise the risk of errors and unwanted side effects.

Care and maintenance

Responsibility for our software is embedded in our work ethic. Thanks to TDD (Test-Driven Development) and Clean Code our software remains maintainable. We'll be more than glad to offer you a support and maintenance contract.


Our specialists use their wide range of expertise to drive your software towards success: software developers in backend and frontend, analysts, testers, designers, UI/UX designers, DevOps and support engineers. We're well prepared for your business case.

Business sector

We're not limited to one business sector: we offer our experience in telecommunication, transport, logistics and media. We're also always open to challenges in other fields.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things will change our world in a similar way as smartphones have changed our everyday lives. The chances and risks that come with it are a challenge for businesses. Existing IT systems are often not ready to handle the challenges that this digital transformation will bring. We have been successful for many years in finding modern bespoke IoT solutions. What can we do for you?

Integrating existing systems

Regardless of how far along you've come with the digitalisation process, integrating existing IT Systems into new solutions is often one of the most complicated tasks. We offer you the knowledge, technology and experience you need to integrate your existing system.

Big Data

The constantly expanding amount of data as a result of digitalisation is one side effect not to be underestimated. Let us help you unearth this treasure with new concepts and technologies.

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Migration in the Cloud

The cloud is changing our world. For some it's a modern form of mostly smartphone-based cooperation, for others it's the best solution for a standardised IT company – for everyone it's what's driving innovation in the field. However, migrating existing systems into the cloud is neither quick nor easy. Capitalise on our experience and bring your business into the cloud - be it Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Open Telekom Cloud, or OpenShift.


Your system is overburdened? An adjustment in one part of the code causes bugs somewhere else? Let our experts help you develop a long-term solution to your problems – and, if you so wish, develop and deploy it, too.

Introducing new technologies

Are you looking to shift your solution to microservices? Do you need to upgrade your existing PHP or EJB application to a modern technology stack? We've got your back.