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Our Customer:

Being an Upper Federal State Authority, the "Landesamt für Vermessung und Geobasisinformation Rheinland-Pfalz" (LVermGeo) is part of the land survey and land registry administration of the German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate. The LVermGeo is responsible for land surveying and plays an important role in the development of related administrative procedures. In addition, it provides spatial base data statewide and supports national as well as international cooperation related to its duties.

  • Part of the federal state authority in Rhineland-Palatinate for more than 70 years
  • Promotes and supports Open-Data-Movement by providing free geo data
  • Supervisory authority for approx. 80 publicly appointed surveyors (as of 2020)

Starting Point

Publicly appointed surveyors (ÖbVI) submit an annual report to the LVermGeo every year. The submission process of this annual report was previously only partly digital and was administratively arduous. In line with the ongoing digitisation of public administration, it was decided that this process should be modernised and implemented as a web application. Additionally, the client requested this app to be integrated into an existing web portal for external customers, including the ÖbVI.

The Project


Analysis, development, maintenance


Agile, Test-Driven, Clean Code, Continuous Integration


Java, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Thymeleaf, Docker

cronn reference quote lvermgeo

We would like to thank you for the successful implementation of our requirements as well as the harmonious and target-oriented cooperation and would be pleased to work with you again.

— Quote of the project managers in the LVermGeo


Together with LVermGeo, cronn developed an architecture which best met the given requirements. A solution completely based on Java, which was realized with Thymeleaf in the frontend, was finally chosen as the best option. Since the operation of the software should be carried out by the system house of LVermGeo, cronn suggested the use of Docker to keep the efforts there as low as possible. The cronn developers added an extensive validation, which supports the responsible department to import only complete and correct data sets into the system.

As a federal state authority, the LVermGeo wants to design its digital applications as accessible and usable for everyone. Since cronn also shares the idea of the Internet for everyone, it was a matter of course for both sides to comply with the criteria of the BITV 2.0 / WCAG-2.0 and to design the PDF file of the annual report to be generated according to the PDF/A-2u standard (while keeping the corporate design of LVermGeo).

Customer Advantage

In the new web application, the ÖbVI can now conveniently create their annual report online via a web interface integrated into the existing web portal. The form is individually tailored to the requirements of this annual report. Many details of the form can be configured so that the ÖbVI can, for example, add new table rows themselves. Data known to the authority (e.g. personal master data) is already pre-filled in the form individually for each user. This is possible without having to log in again (Single-Sign-On) due to the the integration into the existing user management system. Users also have the option to save the data at any time and complete their report later. A PDF compliant with LVermGeo's Corporate Identity is generated from the data of the completed form and sent by e-mail to the responsible department.

Within the scope of a maintenance contract, cronn also supports the long-term operation of the software through regular maintenance and third level support.

cronn Pluspoint


Web application instead of paper and postal dispatch

Future viability

Integrative software solution that can be easily embedded in a growing system landscape


Operational reliability through maintenance and third level support from cronn


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