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 - Software as a service application with NB-IoT


Our Customer:

Dr. Thomas Bungartz, founder und managing director of the Bonn-based start-up „CyBike GmbH“, has developed an approach for the digitization of "services and personalized add-ons around any product" in the context of the internet of things. This approach is now being implemented first for the bike & e-bike market. In addition to the IT solution, CyBike is working with a hardware manufacturer and a university to develop a new, innovative anti-theft and tracking module based on the latest mobile phone technology (NB-IoT).

  • App ecosystem
  • SaaS – Software as a Service
  • Digitized services around a product

Starting Point

In times of the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and the comparability of offers in the internet, a long-term customer loyalty offers a significant competitive advantage for manufacturers of high-quality products, such as bicycles and e-bikes. To this, CyBike Managing Director Dr. Thomas Bungartz has developed a business model that bundles any kind of digitized services around a product into a single application (app). For the first target market a mobile app is developed which enables the bike manufacturer to build up a direct digital connection to the customer. For this purpose, the app provides a wide range of services and features "all about bikes / e-bikes", from breakdown service and route functions to digital anti-theft protection. Once developed, the app - labelled with the respective brand and configured with bike-specific services - offers manufacturers the opportunity to differentiate themselves better in the market and to open up new added value stages. After the components had been partially developed by another IT service provider for a demo version, Dr. Thomas Bungartz was looking for a reliable IT partner. As a condition, the partner should have the necessary know-how to further develop his software as a service project with all technical details and get it ready for the market.

The Project


Analysis, Consulting, Development, Operation, Maintenance


Agile, test-driven, Clean Code, Continuous Integration


Groovy, Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Amazon Web Services, Netflix OSS, Docker, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Gradle

cronn reference quote cybike

As a start-up, it is currently quite difficult to recruit suitable IT specialists with appropriate know-how as employees. Since not all IT skills for the development of an IT solution are also required afterwards or permanently, I was looking for a solution with scalability with regard to know-how and resources - and thus have searched for a partnering approach for my IT topics.

— Dr. Thomas Bungartz, managing director CyBike GmbH


The cronn team continuously develops the different components of the modular IT architecture: besides the mobile multi-platform app, this includes the microservices-based backend as well as a web application for the manufacturer to manage customer data. In agile cycles, the developers integrate the components into the cloud, consolidate the cloud infrastructure used for to operation of the CyBike system and adapt the functionality to the requirements of the DSGVO. Automated tests continuously ensure the quality and robustness of the software. For the planned radio module, with which the bike can be digitally protected against theft and - and just in case - be tracked, CyBike does not employ conventional connections like GPS or classic mobile radio. Instead a NB-IoT solution is used. "Narrowband Internet of Things" is a LTE-based radio technology standard which is specially designed for the connection of IoT devices. The advantages include extremely low energy consumption, robust transmission, excellent (EU-wide) network coverage and a one-off lifetime fee for mobile radio usage. With its expertise, the cronn team participates in the design of the interface between radio module and backend, so that these can later communicate efficiently via the radio network.

Successful Partnership

cronn takes on the entire technical implementation for CyBike - from conception to development - and not only implements improvements and extensions of the technical requirements, but also supports the start-up as a "technical sparring partner" in the further development of the product. With its broad range of technological know-how and its passion for innovative technologies, cronn is an experienced partner which supports CyBike in growing successfully and in developing its products quickly to market maturity.

cronn pluspoints

Time to market

Demo version went online early

Quality Assurance

Continuously running automated tests


Use of the latest software & mobile radio technology (NB-IoT)


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cronn reference quote cybike

In cronn and its versatile IT specialists I have found a partner who covers my IT topics entirely, so that I can concentrate with my employees on the core of the business - build-up, market launch and further development of CyBike solutions.

— Dr. Thomas Bungartz, managing director CyBike GmbH