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Our Customer:

Demogate realizes online auctions for ship recycling with its platform. The start-up enables pricing and provides an overview of scrapping sites available worldwide.

  • Transparency in the sales process
  • Information about country specific regulations
  • Green Recycling

Starting Point

Most ships consist of more than 80 percent steel and other valuable materials. These materials are recovered when the ships have to be scrapped. Up to now, the process of selling such ships has been considered to be inefficient and also not very transparent. Henning Martin, who himself has years of experience in buying and selling merchant ships, wanted to change this. He wanted a digital and innovative tool that provides customers with a transparent sales process.

The Project


Consulting, Requirement Analysis, Development, Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture


Agile Development


Java, Spring Boot, React, MobX, Material Design, Amazon Web Services (e.g. Elastic Beanstalk, S3, RDS/MariaDB, ElastiCache/Redis, Route 53)

cronn reference quote gemogate

The challenge for me was to find a suitable company for implementation without having my own experience with IT projects. Various questions arose such as the programming language, the concrete requirements and also the costs. I found cronn through an internet research and felt well advised directly in the first discussions.

— Henning Martin, founder of Demogate


cronn developed a cloud-based auction system for contemporary ship recycling for Demogate. An agile approach allowed the team to work efficiently. "We worked on the target environment from the very beginning and were thus able to demonstrate the current status and receive feedback at any time. After only one week we could already hold auctions with two participants who could outbid each other", developer Hanno recalls the agile approach of the project team.

Among other things, cronn implemented a so-called sales assistant for the platform, which provides sellers with comprehensive information on the possible proceeds from the sale of their ships for scrapping. The system is connected to a ship database. This way it takes into account, for example, the size and current location of a vessel. The fuel costs up to the place of dismantling can thus be included in the scrapping price. A clear diagram informs about the development of steel prices.

cronn Pluspoint


Fast release of the auction system


Transparency in the sales process


Use of the latest technologies

cronn reference quote demogate

The sales assistant supports decision-making and makes it easier for the seller to quickly assess the current situation depending on the current position of the ship. Here, we were able to generate a good additional benefit for the customer.

— Henning Martin, Gründer von Demogate

Successful Digitisation

While traditional ship scrapping deals are often closed over the phone, Demogate has succeeded in digitizing and simplifying the entire sales process. The platform is faster, more transparent and with a lower brokerage fee also cheaper than conventional ship recycling. The use of modern technologies, such as Amazon Web Services, offers the industry a secure digital alternative.


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cronn reference quote demogate

The cooperation with cronn was very constructive and efficient. We made good progress and implemented the project quickly. I especially remember the weekly sprint meetings. The agile development method was very well suited for the project.

— Henning Martin, founder of Demogate