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Eggs without chick culling: this is what Respeggt is committed to. As a service provider, Respeggt offers a technical solution for sex determination in hatcheries. This means that the male eggs can be sorted out before hatching, ensuring no male chicks are killed. Only the female eggs hatch and grow into laying hens, which then lay unfertilized, fresh eggs. On supermarket shelves these eggs are labelled with the "No Chick Killing" seal, which can be guaranteed thanks to accurate supply chain verification. Consumers can check this for themselves via the Respeggt website by scanning a code on the egg.

The starting point

Respeggt used a solution based on the PHP programming language for order management and supply chain verification. This solution lacked the internal resources to be further developed. The list of new features that had not yet been implemented kept growing longer, and Respeggt were looking for a service provider to take over both maintenance of the existing application and its further development. This is where we came into play, together with our partner progeek.

The project




Agile development


PHP, Laravel

cronn reference quote Respeggt

Thanks to our partner cronn, we have someone who always keeps our software up to date and supports us with words and deeds.

— Carmen Uphoff, COO, Respeggt GmbH


Respeggt can now map its processes with the help of the new application. The software offers the option to manage all placed orders and upload reports. The main area of application is supplying chain verification, which can be used to ensure that no chicks have been killed in the supply chain. Both the Respeggt team and customers can enter information about the individual stages of the supply chain in the software. This includes, among other things, information on the sex determination method used, the laying farms, or packing stations in which the eggs were packed. This way, the origin of individual eggs can be traced from the hatchery to the packaging plant and guarantees that only verified eggs receive the Respeggt seal.

Customer benefits

As a long-term partner, cronn continuously updates and maintains the software together with progeek. Thanks to the update to the latest PHP version and the comprehensive optimization of SQL queries, both the Respeggt team and other users can use the software comfortably without annoying loading times. Requests for further development can be implemented promptly thanks to continuous maintenance. In addition, the application has simple role management that differentiates between conventional users and admins, who can view and edit all functions of the application.

cronn advantages

Strong performance

Minimization of loading times

Continuous support

Continuous maintenance of the software

Increased IT security

High safety standards


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