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Our Customer:

DIHK Service GmbH designs and implements projects for and with chambers of Industry and Commerce in Germany and abroad. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), it is part of the IHK-AHK organization. It forms a project company for DIHK, which implements publicly funded projects in cooperation with federal ministries, chambers, and other partner organizations. The focus here is on public-private partnerships (PPP) at the interfaces between business, politics, and civil society.

The focus here is on promoting

  • company sites in Germany
  • vocational training national and international
  • German economy abroad
  • future viability of small and medium-sized companies

Starting Point

DIHK Service GmbH is managing the project "Hand in Hand for International Talents" (HiH) on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency (BA). The aim of this pilot project is to create a way – based on the so called “German Skilled Migration Act” – through which companies in Germany can recruit skilled workers from foreign countries more easily and quickly to counter the shortage of skilled workers.

In order to facilitate the daily project work of the participating IHK and AHK employees as well as the HiH team, cronn was commissioned by DIHK Service GmbH to develop a project database as a web application including monitoring and reporting. The aim was to enable interested companies in Germany and professionals from the participating partner countries to be registered with their data. The entire process, from establishing contact to successful placement, was to be mapped centrally and accessible (online) for all participants.

The Project


Analysis, development, maintenance & further development, hosting, last-level-support


Agile development with weekly system demos


JHipster, Protractor, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Gradle, Angular, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Liquibase, Hibernate, Docker, Jenkins, SonarQube, AWS

cronn reference quote dihk-service-gmbh

From the beginning of the collaboration we were impressed by the direct communication, technical expertise and flexibility of the team. The cronn team managed the project requirements professionally and delivered a custom made product in a limited time frame. We are very satisfied with the result and look forward to future cooperation with cronn GmbH.

— Eleni Dourou, requirements engineer of HiH project at DIHK Service GmbH


The requirements specified by DIHK Service GmbH were analyzed by cronn and transferred into a solution sketch, in which the technical framework conditions were defined. In addition, suggestions were made for the realization of individual details that could not yet be finalized in the requirements beforehand. Close coordination with the HiH project management ensured that the focus was always on the benefits for the project. In particular, changes in requirements and their prioritization were responded to flexibly in line with the agile approach.

To meet the tight schedule, cronn proposed a realization based on JHipster. In this way, a first version of the software could be provided after only a few days, which was then extended and expanded step by step (e.g. role & rights management, more user-friendly structure in the frontend). This process was made very transparent by cronn through a weekly system demo, so that the HiH team could directly examine the progress in the running software and give immediate feedback.

Despite the time pressure, cronn has remained true to its code quality standards and test-driven development approach. In addition, end-to-end tests / acceptance tests ensure the functionality of business processes. Furthermore, OTP-based 2-factor authentication was implemented to protect the sensitive data of companies and applicants. After only four months of development, the web application finally went live successfully.

Customer Advantage

The web application implemented by cronn allows the project participants to digitally map the process of placing foreign specialists with companies in Germany at a central location. Instead of decentralized tables and manual reporting, there is a tool that can be accessed around the clock by every participating IHK and AHK - literally across borders.

In order to do comply with the pilot like character of the HiH project, cronn takes over not only the maintenance but also the continuous further development of the software. Thanks to the agile project design, short-term adjustments based on user feedback are just as possible as the addition of new functions planned for the long and medium term. The prioritization of the further development is specified by DIHK Service GmbH, whereby consulting by cronn is possible at any time.

cronn Pluspoint

Fast realization

From project kickoff to go-live in four months – without compromising on quality

Digitalization & IT security

Multilingual web application with OTP 2-factor authentication and reliable database backups

Long term Support

Operation, maintenance, further development, and support – all from a single source


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cronn reference quote dihk-service-gmbh

The cronn team always responded competently and quickly to our needs for programming the project database. They implemented all requirements in an agile and practical manner. The performance of the team helped us immensely to implement our project in a structured, efficient, and successful manner within a tight time horizon.

— Carolin Ruppert, project leader of HiH project at DIHK Service GmbH