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Our Customer:
Kautex Textron

Kautex Textron belongs to the 100 largest automotive suppliers in the world in terms of sales volume. Kautex produces innovative fuels systems, selective catalytic reduction systems for urea injection, engine camshafts and clear vision systems. Kautex Textron is a pioneer in the field of plastic fuel systems. In strong cooperation with the automotive industry these components are continuously developed to conform the rising requirements on low fuel consumption, higher safety, and reduced pollutant emission.

  • More than 6,000 employees at beyond 30 facilities.
  • Produces plastic fuels systems for automotive serial production.
  • Receives numerous awards and is certified for high quality products.

Starting Point

With each new model of a car all central components like the fuels system needs to be revised. Engineers design and construct a new product, production capacities need to be planed, facilities need to be properly instrumented and the consumption of raw materials must be estimated. All these considerations are necessary to provide a concrete offer to the customer prior to the actual preparation of the production. Regular all departments are working together on a project base to create such an offer. Up to now all relevant data where send to the finance department. It was their task to harmonize the datasets, version and analyse them. Without a central data management, it takes a lot of effort to just take care of the database of each project and keep it up to date. Regarding the time criticality of an offer, a new web application should assist the finance department as central data management system, such that the company can react flexible and fast to new projects.

The Project


Analysis, development, maintenance


Agile, Test-Driven, Clean Code, Continuous Integration


Java, Spring Boot, Spring Security, React, Apache POI, Docker, Power Query M

cronn reference quote kautex

The cooperation between our partner cronn, especially the solution architect and the developers are extremely constructive and reliable. Our requirements, problems and questions are immediately understood and often even anticipated.
The competent consulting of our business partners at cronn leads to valuable solutions, that a robust and promising further development is expected.
To develop the solution in the team and see the progress is a pleasure and leads to the good feeling, to have chosen the right partner.

— Anjo Fischer, project lead at Kautex


cronn developed together with Kautex Textron a solution to manage the project data in a structured way. The development and implementation of the solution is done step by step, by continuously enlarging the data base. In this respect in the first step the basic project information can be edited via a web-application, and in addition the product data are automatically transferred from the product-lifecycle management system. It is further planned to adopt more data in the database until all important information from all departments are captured.
All relevant project data are reported directly to an EXCEL table, such that the remaining data can be passed in within the familiar work environment. Important key characteristics are automatically deduced, and all prices are converted to a common currency.

Customer Advantage

All relevant finance and project data are managed in a central database, always available and up to date. This reduces the manual operating effort to analyse and harmonize the individual datasets. A reliable evaluation of the project is faster possible because important metrics like the material costs per unit of the product are calculated automatically. Through the integration of MS EXCEL, the users work in their known environment and retain the possibility to make flexible calculations on a now reliable data base.

cronn Pluspoint


Establishing automated interfaces and integration of MS EXCEL.

Agile project

Solution is launched step-by-step.

Partner for digitization

Always at call with flexible resources.


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