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Our Customer:

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (German abbreviation: IHKs) represent the interests of the regionally based business community and are responsible for examinations in vocational education and training. Through the IHKs, DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH, as a non-profit company, provides the general public and the business community with high-quality products and services for vocational training. One focus is the digitalization of exams, learning formats and content.

Products and services are developed by DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH with experts from the field and implemented regionally by the IHKs. For example, examinations can be conducted according to uniform national standards. DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH thus pools resources, creates synergies and sets standards for the benefit of vocational training, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises and for the general public.

  • Support of the sovereign mandate of the IHKs
  • Responsible for nationwide continuing education examinations and professional & technical examinations
  • Digital exams for more than 60 out of 79 IHKs

Starting Point

More than 60 of the 79 Chambers of Commerce and Industry conduct digital examinations using a software provided by DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH to make life easier for examiners and examination candidates. By switching to a new examination software, IHK employees can now easily access products and services related to examinations. The DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH wants to make the selection of the optimal solutions from the product portfolio for the IHKs as easy and pleasant as possible. Therefore, they commissioned cronn to develop an uncomplicated, transparent web application for the selection of the optimal services.

The Project


Analysis and development


Design thinking, wireframing, agile development


TypeScript, Angular, Bootstrap

cronn reference quote dihk-kostenrechner

CCIs need reliable figures for economic planning. The comparison calculator provides CCIs with a cost overview for digital exams. Based on participant numbers, examination stations and individual cost items. This creates planning security and confidence for coming examinations in the future.

— Martin Fretter, Project Officer of DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH


Our team went to the proverbial drawing board, analyzed the requirements and started the design process. The goal was a user-friendly web application – lean in development and operation. First, we created sketches and wireframes and also made suggestions for details that had not yet been finalized in the requirements. Through close coordination with the customer's project management, our team always kept the customer's benefit in mind and was able to react flexibly to change requests.

After just a few days of development, the team made a complete version of the web application available on cronn's demo server. This meant that the customer’s stakeholders could give direct feedback on the running application and see changes in real time. We did without complex backend systems and created an application that meets the requirements, but is executed completely in the user's browser. This guarantees performance and security. This was made possible by the technologies used: TypeScript, Angular and Bootstrap.

Customer Advantage

The web application implemented by cronn gives the employees of the IHKs an uncomplicated, transparent and IHK-specific solution to conveniently select the optimal products and services. After the development was completed, it could be integrated into the existing website of DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH within one day and is thus available online to all IHK employees at any time. This means that they are always up to date with the latest services. In order to guarantee the up-to-dateness, cronn also has been available to DIHK-Bildungs-gGmbH for short-term adjustments since the start of operations.

cronn Pluspoint

Fast realization

From idea to go-live in just a few weeks

Uncomplicated digitization

Web application as a transparent and uncomplicated tool

High flexibility

Fast and easy implementation of customization and change requests


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