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Our Customer:
leogistics GmbH

Accept the status quo? Not with leogistics! Here, the course for the future of logistics and supply chain management is set. Our customer provides digital solutions for all processes in their field – and with myleo / dsc, the company has its own software platform, which takes yard management, delivery control, real-time tracking of transport vehicles, container management and time window management to new digital heights. leogistics takes the efficiency, transparency and reliability of its partners' logistics processes to a new level with cloud-based applications and apps connected to the Internet of Things.

The challenge

The myleo / dsc logistics platform developed by leogistics offers a wide range of powerful digital solutions for customers. As the number of customers and the volume continue to grow, leogistics was looking for a reliable partner to bring resources and expertise in agile software development to the table. Together with a cronn team, they set out to solve the complex question of how to efficiently adapt applications and features of the platform to the many different customers with their own needs.

Their processes are often very similar, but never exactly the same. Ultimately, every customer should get the best out of their own processes and procedures with the myleo / dsc. The idea of leogistics: a user interface in which apps can be compiled according to the individual requirements of the customers without a lot of programming work (low code). For the account managers at leogistics, they can be implemented simply and with just a few clicks, without the software development team having to get involved every time.

The Project


Design, development, testing


Agile development, CI/CD, Clean Code, code reviews


Angular, React, TypeScript, Stencil, Ionic, Jest, Cypress, Cucumber

cronn reference quote lims

What impressed me most is the speed and accuracy with which the cronn team is working on our software projects. We will meet even greater challenges with the myleo / dsc and need to engage with a competent and reliable partner in software development on an equal footing to be able to do this. I am very glad that this is exactly what we have found with cronn.

— André Käber, CEO of leogistics GmbH

The implementation

A cronn team set out to design and implement this type of low-code platform together with software development personnel from leogistics. The goal: a form designed as a single-page web application that leogistics account managers (and also in particular the customers themselves) can use to create individual micro apps for use by the customers' employees. The myleo / dsc as a cloud and container-based platform already provided the best basis for this. In addition, the features and functionalities that the micro apps were intended to map were already reflected in the platform.

The companies have now worked together to develop a user interface for compiling the micro apps as well as standardised web components. The web components allow the micro apps to be integrated into any web application and mobile apps. This allows the micro apps to be implemented quickly and easily with myleo / dsc customers and to be made available to their employees on different terminals.

leogistics and cronn worked together to quickly realise both as frontend projects with React, Angular and TypeScript. The team used Ionic and Stencil for the standardised web components. Automated testing (unit and end-to-end tests) ensures a high standard of quality at all times. In addition, the project follows principles, such as Clean Code, and conducts regular code reviews. The implemented CI/CD pipeline ensures the continuous rapid delivery of features.

The collaboration

leogistics found a partner in cronn with whom they can reliably work together on software projects in the long term. The cronn team quickly identified the requirements of the project and, thanks to its agile working method, continuously delivers results at high speed and with an outstanding level of quality. They work on an equal footing in order to jointly overcome challenges and provide leogistics' customers with the optimal user experience.

cronn Pluspoint

Agile working method

Quick response time to rapidly changing requirements

Fast delivery of features

Short development cycle for consistency in the further development of solutions

Long-term support

Common perspective regarding the ongoing collaboration and partnership


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