we are cronn

We are cronn - a Bonn-based software development company with branches in Hamburg and Białystok, Poland. Software development is our passion. We trust in Java, OpenSource and, last but not least, in our experienced team. All of this we deploy to bring our clients software that is key to their business, or to professionally consult them in issues regarding architecture, tools or approaches.

cronn locations marked on mapThe three cronn office locations - Bonn, Hamburg and Białystok - marked on a map

What tasks await you

  • Frontend development with JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Development of business-critical, customer-specific software solutions
  • TDD, Pair Programming, Code Reviews
  • Collaboration in agile teams
  • Knowledge Sharing, Craftsmanship, Continuous Improvement
  • Look outside the box


  • Quality, agility, open-mindedness and passion describe your working style
  • Clean Code and Software Craftsmanship are no foreign words for you
  • You are always looking for improvement
  • You are fluent in English in speaking as well as in writing
  • As a team player, you enjoy working independently and on your own responsibility
  • You love writing tests as much as productive code
  • You do not lose sight of the goal
  • You enjoy refactoring
  • But you prefer to let your computer do your work for you

… then we want to get to know you!

When, on top of this, you can boast solid experience with a few of the following tools and technologies

  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • ReactJS, Redux, MobX
  • NPM, Webpack, Babel
  • Mocha/Jest/QUnit
  • Cucumber, Selenium, Testcontainers
  • Git, SonarQube, Jenkins
  • Mobile-First-, Offline-First-Design

… then we absolutely must get to know you!


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Our benefits

Work at cronn

Our teams and our abilities

Our catchphrase is „wir entwicklen software“ – developing software brings us joy. We believe in Software Craftsmanship, good code and score with a team that brings both competence and a healthy attitude to the table.​

Interesting and challenging software development projects

Our projects are laid out within in a wide scope of fields. We show the same enthusiasm for start-ups as we do for multinational corporations. We embrace challenges and believe in development and growth.

Hardware and operating system according to your preferences

Because you know best what you like to work with. On top of that all of our work stations are equipped with height-adjustable tables and ergonomic chairs.​

Further training opportunities

We encourage personal growth with a yearly further education budget and two days exceptional leave for you to use on conferences, workshops or certifications – alone, with a colleague or with the whole team.​

Flexible working hours

We want cronners to find their best possible work-life balance: that’s why we have flexible working hours and home office days.

Employee events

No later than at your first Christmas party you’ll get to witness how much we enjoy celebrating together. However, until then there are many other events held throughout the year: beer tastings, summer parties, runs, short trips, cronn sports clubs or our weekly afternoon beer. Open – but not obligatory! – for all.​

Participation in conferences and engagement

We love to share our knowledge and actively participate in local communities such as the Java User Group or the Usability Testessen. You are welcome to influence and shape this network.​

A cool office

It’s easy to feel comfortable in our modern, sunny and well-located office. We have good tea and coffee (really good!) and unlimited soft drinks. We also make sure there’s always something to nibble on, be it sweet, salty or healthy.​


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