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We are cronn - a Bonn-based software development company with branches in Hamburg and Białystok, Poland. Software development is our passion. We trust in Java, OpenSource and, last but not least, in our experienced team. All of this we deploy to bring our clients software that is key to their business, or to professionally consult them in issues regarding architecture, tools or approaches.

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Product Development

Are you in need of a mobile or web-based application that is not available as a standard solution? Look no further - we’ll support you through the entire process, from brainstorming right up to launching the finished product and beyond. Our product development is agile, with fast feedback cycles. We’re specialists in our field and provide decisions based on constructive criticism and innovative solutions. Lean startup or Scrum? Both! When an MVP becomes a successful product, we can scale. We’ll deliver a high-quality, ready-to-use, cloud-based product and will be available for maintenance and continuous development.


Do you want to become more efficient and modern, make full use of new potential by integrating existing services with artificial intelligence and complex automation? We’ll support you by analysing and questioning your business models, data and requirements, providing technical insights and solutions, which we’ll then develop - be it a single service or an entire system. We provide our clients with a complete product and provide support during maintenance or further development. Our work ethic is agile, but our prices are fixed.


Are you looking for external resources, want to change your existing system or need the advice of experts? We’ll advise you in matters of architecture and methodology - and, if necessary, take over the development ourselves. Our experienced employees work both on site (in Bonn and Hamburg) and off site in a time-efficient, professional manner, boosting the speed and improving the quality of your product, be it in software development or the analysis of your business processes and data.


Do you need a reliable partner who will maintain and upgrade your system? We’ll take over your existing Java system, allowing you to extend its usability while staying in compliance with all legal and security requirements. Changes big or small can be carried out both quickly and for a reasonable price, thanks to our agile procedures and automated tests. If you choose to have your system redesigned by us, providing maintenance is always a part of our offer.

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Our Methods


Requirements change constantly, usually faster than you think. We're ready.


Automated tests not only don't lie, they provide security for changes and are a solid base for continuous integration.


Things that are painful should be done more often - but not manually. Jenkins takes that off our hands.


Programming languages were invented to find solutions to complex problems. That's what they should be used for.

Our Tools

die cronn GmbH entwickelt mit

The standard for efficient and stable server software.

die cronn GmbH entwickelt

Has imposed and popularised dependency injection in the Java Enterprise field. Always one step ahead of JEE and all other competition.

die cronn GmbH setzt auf

JPA is the standard, Hibernate is the implementation - the most established solution.

die cronn GmbH lässt

The standard for open-source continuous integration.

die cronn GmbH versioniert mit

More than 65 millions of GitHub repositories and 24 millions of registered developers speak for themselves.

die cronn GmbH nutzt

The data warehouse for software development, the cherry on the cake for Jenkins.

die cronn GmbH baut mit

The best Java build tool. Fastest feedback thanks to incremental and parallel builds. Essential for continuous integration.

die cronn
                        nutzt Docker

In a container Software works on all devices equally.

die cronn GmbH nutzt

Automatic scalability and orchestration of containers.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

Be global within minutes.

die cronn GmbH nutzt

All benefits without the problems of Javascript.

Company Logo

The BDD-tool which combines specification and test documentation.

Open Source

We believe in common progress through open-source software.. That's why we support existing projects and have published some of our most useful tools ourselves.

Open SourceSSH Proxy | Jira Sync | Reflection Util | Diff2Html | Healthcheck


Joseph-Schumpeter-Allee 23
53227 Bonn

+49 228 710 310-0
Neue Burg 2
20457 Hamburg

+49 40 466 55 23-0

ul. Legionowa 28/609
15-281 Białystok

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